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soo today i went to a carnival and kelly came with.. it was really fun except she got kinda sick but she didnt throw up or anything so dont worry! well i had fun and cant wait till next year...update laterrrrrr..



Pictures from the meet yesterday!

Alexia ^ w/ cap..

Adina Shaina and Stephanie!

Kristen Adina and Shaina

DIANA!!! OMG you are soo funny!

me diana and sammy is at the top kinda cut off..

Me and Shaina

I love this picture its kinda blurry but sweet! Adina doing fly.

Aww..me and Adina



Group shot!

lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAYLA lol. cake on the face!!!!


so much fun probably more pics on saturday for invitational.






Swim pics...

^ Divers...


^ YAY!

^ lol i like how that one girl is like pushing sarah over!

brianna holly and julie!


[ mood | happy ]

Have you ever:
Gotten lost in your city - no
Snuck out of the house - yes
Saw a shooting star - no
Been to any other countries besides the United States/Canada - yes
Had a serious surgery - no
Gone out in public in your pajamas - yes
Kissed a stranger - no
Hugged a stranger - no
Been in a fist fight - no
Been arrested - no
Done drugs - no
Smoked Cigs - no
Had alcohol - no (well i tiny sip but i didnt think that would count)
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator - yes
Made out in an elevator - no
Swore at your parents - no
Kicked a guy where it hurts - yes
Been in love - no
Been close to love - no
Been to a casino - yes
Broken a bone - no
Been high - no
Skinny-dipped - yes!
Gone Streaking- yes!
Skipped school - no
Flashed someone - no
Saw a therapist - no
Done the splits - yes
Played spin the bottle - yes
Gotten stitches - no
Had an IV - no
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour - no i dont like milk
Bitten someone - yes
Been to Niagara Falls - no
Gotten the chicken pox - yes
Kissed a member of the opposite sex - yes
Kissed a member of the same sex - no
Crashed into a friend's car - no (cant drive...yet)
Been to Japan - no
Ridden in a taxi - no
Been dumped - yes
Been rejected - yes
Shoplifted - no
Been fired - no
Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back - yep
Stole something from your job - no
Gone on a blind date - no
Lied to a friend - yes :[ (not to be mean tho)
Had a crush on a teacher - no
Celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans - no
Been to Europe - no
Slept with a co-worker - no
Been married - no
Gotten divorced - no
Had children - no
Saw someone die - no
Been on a plane - yes
Eaten Sushi - yes
Been snowboarding - no
Met someone in person from the internet - scary!! NO
Been moshing at a rock show - no
Been to a moto cross show - no
Lost a child - no
Gone to college- not yet
Graduated college - no
Done hard drugs - no
Taken painkillers - yes
Love someone or miss someone right now - yes


laguna beach.. [Monday
[ mood | i dono ]

I love Laguna Beach!!

Yeah its on tonight!!!!


wow. [Monday
[ mood | crazy ]

wow i havent updated in soooo long but anyways diving has started and i love this team they are amazing



havent updated for a while [Sunday
[ mood | giggly ]

yeah.. so today i did absolutely nothing. but yesterday was the car wash for swimming and diving. OMG it was sooo much fun! lets see we washed a lot of cars and made 420$ or something like that but then walmart gave us 300 so we got 720$!!!! SWEET! anyways i had to hold up the signs on the side of the rode for like a 1/2 half omg that was super boring!! oh well. then i went back and washed more cars. me and shaina met adina or as i nicknamed her "D" shes sooo nice. but then me d and shaina went to hold the signs now that was fun!! car wash come and get your car washed lol that was stuck in my head the rest of the day!! and then when ever a big sem-i would pass we tell him to hunk aww man that was great!! then we went back and got pizza and went back to hold the signs again! it was really funny! and then like i would go down a ways and when a car would pass i would be holding a sign and be running next to it lol, wow good times. then we went back again cause we got bored. and we washed a sem-i!!! well then it was over after a couple more cars and i went home with shaina and they dropped me off and i showered and went to her house we had a great time! well anyways now im really excited cause tomorrow is my first practice of diving!! WOOT!


looky [Wednesday
[ mood | giggly ]

look ^

I love ya Kel and Car!!!

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hey [Monday
[ mood | colorful ]

hey. kristen is over right now and we are going to do some sweet stuff!! umm not sure what yet. so i will update later.


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man o man [Thursday
[ mood | happy ]

man o man i havent updated in a lllooonnnggg time, lol. well lets see yesterday shaina came over and we did fun stuff!! i dont really member. and today i went to kristens house and had a GREAT time! lets see all i really member doing was going out on the boat and swimming. FUN! well then i came home and ate pretzels and talked to people on aim! fun huh? well now im gonna go cause im eating soon.
love all yall

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[ mood | energetic ]

today i babysat in the morning and then i came home about 1:00ish and i tried making plans but none of them really worked out but then chelsea asked me if i wanted to come over so i did and we had a really good time, and we made me a myspace. FUN! Yep and we did a bunch of fun things i dont really feel lik typing so im gonna go. but on friday i might go to cedar point with my cousin!! but if not i think i might be spending the night at jenns. YAY! I feel likei havent seen you in sooo long i love ya babe!!


[ mood | colorful ]

today stephanie came over and we walked up to mollys on our way we stoped before crossing the street and this older man on like a motorcycle thing looked at us and honked his horn lol well then when we got there we go cheese fries and a milkshake and then we walked over to the gas station and got a ton of candy!! . on our way back i was like oh look a hot air balloon and then steph was like no i think its like bloap and i was like i think thats a blimp lol it was great. but then we got home and went swimming. after swimming for like 2 hours we decided to see a movie after dinner. it took us awhile to find a movie to see lol, we decided on sky high it sounds kinda gay but its actually pretty good! but anyways that was my day!
love ya.


[ mood | cheerful ]

yeah ill update later but take this quiz

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hey [Sunday
[ mood | excited ]

hey yeah i didnt update yesterday what did i do?? oh yeah i did nothing but went to my cousins bday party. BORING!! well anyways then today i havent done anything...but stephanie is coming over YAY! I will update later to tell what we did. FUN!
well love ya.

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tired. [Friday
[ mood | tired ]

tired so i dont really feel like updating, lets see went to syd party last night FUN! and spent the night didnt go to sleep the whole night, which explains why im tired. we did lots of stuff at sydnies and i had a great time! well i got home and was sooo tired i took 3 naps.


... [Thursday
[ mood | mellow ]

lets see i did really nothing today. My cousins came over and swam with there friends and now my aunt and uncle are here. I am really really bored, but excited cause sydnies party is tonight. And yes Im spending the night!!! Oh yeah and then i got this call from a western girl and shes like im looking for angela their is swimming conditioning at central from 4-6 and i was like okay im not in swimmingm, im in diving, so i went and it turned out that it was just swi9mming conditioning i was like whatever whyd they call me then. so i made that trip for nothing. but now i am going to syds soon, and i thikn i overly packed, A LOT!!!
well love ya.


omg [Wednesday
[ mood | watching tv ]

omg okay so today me and carly were going to go to the mall but then we figured out that we wouldnt have a ride home so we just went to molly's andwe got some icecream and caught up with eachother and i had a pleasant time, lol. no it was super funn!! but then when we got back my mom an dad are like wanna go see a movie and i was like can i bring a friend and shes like yeah and i was like sweet so i called madi and she said she woul love to go lol. and so we went and picked her up, first off i thought kelli was going to too but she had to go home and pack for her 2 weeks of eing in florida, not fair. so me and madi and my mom and dad went and say fantastic four it was soo cool!! lol after the movie we went to art van to pick out my mom and dad a new mattress. we didnt end up getting one ut it was funn cause we went and sat like on every sngle one! but then we went home. tomorrow im going to syd's party and its gonna be really fun!


aww [Wednesday
[ mood | crazy ]

I got this off of carly's lj but hers is a duck and mine is a hamster so i didnt take hers i made my own, lol. I love you Car!!!

my pet!


hm. [Tuesday
[ mood | tired ]

hmmm today i didnt do anything. i went to the ortho in the morning, boring. then i came home and talked online and was going to go to the mall with syd and tj but we didnt have a ride so that didnt work so i just watched tv and i took a little nap right before dinner! well now i am doing absolutely nothing!

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okay... [Monday
[ mood | energetic ]

okay this is going to be a pretty long entry. Angie came up north with me on thursday and we came home today, monday. well we were driving up north and mostly we just watched dvds the whole time. we both watched laguna beach cause i hadnt seen all of the first season, and now im hooked!! well the first episode of the second season starts today!! anyways on thursday we got there like at i dono like ten or something. we went to my aunt and uncles cabin up north, its so nice they live on the sturgeon or something like that. Its sooo pretty. well the first night we just got inside and colored and watched how to lose a guy in ten days!! one the best movies ever made! and then we went to bed, but we talked till like 2 in the morning and decided to go to bed since we had to get up at ten :/. so we woke up and ate breakfast, then changed into our bathing suits and went down to the river to like walk on these logs i guess you would say, we almost fell off like ten times, lol. and after my mom and dad got ready we went rafting down the indian river which is the fastest river in the lower pennisula it was really fun, and thats where we saw the slogan raft naked, feel the sun on your cheeks, it was on a shirt. but we didnt get it, we got a shirt that was yellow and it says GO CRAZY! and then all this stuff on the back. then later in the day we made our way to where we would be staying brentwood. it was cool cause the first night me and angie got our own room. well after getting our rooms set up we went down to the lake where she met everyone and everyone was like we have two angies lol. it was great. so we went into the lake like 5 times, it was cold and pretty funny cause it would get deep and then shallow deep and shallow until you go all the way out where its not that deep, i mean me and angie cant touch but thats cause were sweet and short!! we had some great times at the beach though. okay so that night we ate dinner i dont remember what it was called but it started with a p. and we ate and talked with my cousin becky and her friend mary. there hilarious!! then after that across the street there was an icecream place so we went there and i got superman icecream, yummm!! and like i have said before i have an obsession towards icecream!! so when we got back to the cabins we went to my cousins cabin, becky, and we made a movie lol its was called roommates lol and like we were like all different me and angie were like best friends and ditzs' becky was like a major cleaning person, and mary was like this gothic scary person that was out to kill angie lol. there was some funny times like when mary was like way to go barbie and i was like thank you!! and then mary would pull out these random kitchen utelsils and one time she pulled out a spatula and angie was these breasts cost 5,000 dollars...each omg it was the funniest thing ever!!!! and then we had to leave there cabin casue they were going to bed. so we went back to our cabin and watched the andy something show on mtv wow thats a funny show, pancake face lol. and again we stayed up to like 2 watching tv and talking. then on saturday we went to the beach and thats really when angie noticed clark my neighbor and was like holy crap hes hott! and we also saw another hott guy he was smokin lol!! but we went swimming and so on and so on... then i was taking pictures of this guy lol it was sooo funny him and his friend or whatever were playing football so we laid down on towels and watched them and then the really hot guy through the football at our towel, i think on purpose and was like im sorry bout that. lol it was great!! and then they stopped playing and me and angie played frisbee!! and i was trying to throw it at the hot guy to do the same thing he did but it wasnt working! then me and angie went out into the really shallow end of the lake to play. it was really funn but pretty hard! then we left and we came back to the cabin and got some dinner from vivvios, pizza. YUMM after dinner we went and played putt putt oh man i swear up north is like sworming with hott guys!! then later we were going to do our movie but then we decided not to so we just did like a little behind the seens thing i guess you could call it. then we just watched tv all night and played cards. then we left cause they were going to bed and so we went into our cabin and watched more tv till like 1 or something i dono what time it was when we went to bed! then again in the morning we woke up at ten and got dressed and all ready and then went down to the beach even though it was a crappy day. and thats when we went tubing down the river it was really fun! then that night we went to brown trout and me and angie were really hyper! the salt and pepper thing that was great!! then we went to beckys cabin again and watched miami ink and like the food network, YUMM! all our parents were over at the woodlands at the fire but we didnt want to go. so some parents came back but mine didnt so we left beckys cabin anyways because they wanted to sleep and i felt bad so we sat down by our tiny fire and talked for like 20 minutes and finally my parents came back! and then we went back to my aunt and uncles cabin. then again me and angie stayed up till like 2:30 talking lol! and woke up at 10:40 with my mom waking us up. we ate breakfast and changed and stuff and then we played cards and then went tubing down their river, it was sooo fast we did it twice the first time just me and ang and then the second time it was me angie and my mom lol! then we packed everything in the car changed and then hit the road. it didnt seem like it took that long to get home though cause we just watched movies and stuff all the way back and we got taco bell, yumm. well and then it was sad to see angie leave!! I miss you already, lol. we had so many great times and i cant wait till you go up with me again! I had sooo much fun with you! and now i have to talk my mom into taking me to mollys icecream so i can get my superman!!! I LOVE ICECREAM, and that guy on the beach!!!
laguna beach is on at 10!!!


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